Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to create android 4 ICS emulator UI in tablet mode instead of phone mode?

Till now I was developing android application for Android 2.3.3. Now, I have started development for Android 4.0.* ICS (Ice scream Sandwich) version. I created new Android 4.0.3 image using AVD manager targeting API Level 15. Emulator runs but UI is in phone mode instead of tablet mode.

After some investigation I found following solution:
Step1: Goto AVD Manager.
Step2: Select Android 4.* AVD image.
Step3: Click Edit button on right side in AVD Manager UI.
Step4: Change skin type from "Default (WVGA800)" to "WXGA800" or WXGA720. (which ever resolution works for you)
Step5: Click Edit AVD button.
Step6: Start your Android 4.* emulator. This time you should see Android tablet like emulator UI.


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