Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting started with JCrasher - An automatic robustness tester for Java

JCrasher is an automatic robustness testing tool for Java code. JCrasher attempts to detect bugs by causing the program under test to "crash"--to throw an undeclared runtime exception. Although it has the advantage of being completely automatic: no supervision is required except for online inspection of the test cases that have caused a crash. Compared to other similar commercial and research tools, JCrasher offers several novelties:
  • JCrasher transitively analyzes methods, determines the size of each tested method's parameter-space and selects parameter combinations and therefore test cases at random, taking into account the time allocated for testing
  • JCrasher defines heuristics for determining whether a Java exception should be considered a program bug or the JCrasher supplied inputs have violated the code's preconditions
  • JCrasher includes support for efficiently undoing all the state changes introduced by previous tests
  • JCrasher produces test files for JUnit--a popular Java testing tool
  • JCrasher can be integrated in the Eclipse IDE.
For more information, visit the link:

There is a paper written on JCracher which can be found at location:

Download location: Download JCrasher.

I am also learning how to use it. Once, I have created few good samples, I will update the post.

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  1. I'm really struggling with the configuration of Jcrasher.xml file, if you've found the solution please update the post at urgent.

    Thank you!